Monday, June 25, 2012

Worm Ranching..., Yes That Too

A plentiful harvest supported by our worm friends.
Since our school is 100% organic, we are looking for ways to raise our crops and children by using as many organic, sustainable methods of farming that we can get our hands on. This year, we had Heather Rinaldi from Texas Worm Ranch come out for a visit.
Heather Rinaldi, a Texas Worm Rancher
Previously, she had given us three worm boxes to keep in our primary classrooms so that the kids could learn about vermicomposting and feel the love of worms. 

A handful of worms making our vermicompost
When our bins were doubling in worm population, it was time for Heather to come out and teach us how to make new boxes and split our worms. She taught us not only what we needed to do to care for our worms, but also about the pure magic of worm poop and the wonderful ways that it will help our farm produce grow.

A handful of harvest
Check out her sight, she offers many practical easy to use methods for using worms in your

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