Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Moss Haven Groundbreaking Ceremony

Balloons at sunrise during the Groundbreaking Ceremony
Our Groundbreaking Ceremony was over the top! With 420 students, 60 staff members, over 300 people from our school community and at least a dozen media folks, we started off huge!
The media was here in full force to capture the excitement at MHE.

The Moss Haven Farm Committee spent several months planning every last detail down to the hay bale vignettes and reception area hosted by our local realtors Doug and Elizabeth Selzer. The students, who sat on big colorful tarps that our wonderful PTA provided waved bright blue bandanas feverishly in support of all the exciting things that were happening during the ceremony.
Local politicians came out in support

Jerry Allen, our local councilman, came to our celebration and led us in the pledge and a moment of silence. He also spoke in support of our community and our exciting Moss Farm project. 
Tiffany Walker led the excitement
Tiffany Walker, our Lead Farm Committee member shared all of the wonderful plans that are in motion and warmly thanked all who offered support throughout our mission of re-establishing the Moss Haven farm.

Moss Haven Principal Philip Henderson
Mr. Henderson, our principal was cheered on  by the blue bandanas waving in the air and shared how our farm would impact our community and most importantly, our children.
RISD Teacher of the year Ashley Rich. One of MHE's best!
A big surprise to all of us happened when the RISD school board showed up to present our teacher of the year finalist with her award and big check. We were all so proud of Ashley Rich!

The teachers dug in and planted the first plants on our farm.
After the announcements, the fun began. The teachers got to "dig in" to the soil and break ground by planting the first plant in each garden bed. Then throughout the day, American Heart Association and PTA volunteers  helped the kids plant their classroom beds.
The students helped plant their beds.
Themes were picked by each classroom. We planted vegetable soup, pizza, salsa, Texas history, wildflowers, peace love and herbs, ABC, and primary color beds. There are more than plants growing in our garden. There are the minds of children growing and with them, the growth is endless.

We are all very excited!

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