Friday, November 13, 2015

Botany - Allium - Chickens - Learning on the Farm

In Texas, we are lucky to have many growing seasons! This week, we taught the students about planting, growing and living seasonally. Sure you can get strawberries at the grocery store right now, but they are not the best or grown organically. Ask your kids about what is in season in Texas, because it is growing on our farm. We planted garlic and onions and learned a bit about both. Garlic grows wild in Asia and was once used to keep evil spirits away by rubbing it on keyholes and chimneys. Onions were used by Gladiators to keep their muscles strong and were placed on the eyes of mummies when they were buried. Both are in the Allium Family of plants along with chives and leeks to name a few. If you ask your farmer when they will be harvested, we expect that onions will begin to be ready in February and March. Garlic will be ready in May. The best lesson we teach is patience and timing, because sometimes we wait.

Egg color is based on breed and ear color. Did you know that? Ask your kids and they will know. We love chickens!(Did we tell you that?)


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