Thursday, October 22, 2015

Welcome To The State Fair of Texas - Poultry Style

Wow! What an experience we had when we brought our chickens to the fair. We are total newbies in the chicken showing arena, but we learned a lot and grew a little too. 

Luckily, we have our ever faithful Master Gardener and chicken lover, Mrs. Brewer who guided us through the process. We learned a lot about the history of our chickens, the parts of chickens that are important to the judges and showmanship.  Loaded up with this information and a lot of practice, the kids had to speak to a judge about their chicken and show them the attributes that make their chicken special.

We brought 4 of our hens and came home with a blue ribbon and red ribbon, so we were thrilled with our first attempt at showing our girls. In fact, we are jumping into the 4H world and planning our next show. It was a great learning and confidence building experience and we hope to include more students next time!

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