Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall Farm Planting Days

The Farm comes alive when the kids come out to plant. This week we dug holes, scattered seeds and learned about the earth, plants, and soil. We use square foot gardening, which is a way to get the highest yield out of a raised bed growing space. Perimeter and Area were explored and the kids learned  the guidelines to follow in each square foot. Some planted 16 carrot seeds, 9 sugar snap peas, 3 heads of lettuce, one broccoli or cauliflower per square. They learned that even though they followed the planting instructions, there are variables that we can't control like weather or our current bunny friends, that ate the leaves off every cauliflower. It was a great week.  We Love Fall!

We're going to have a great harvest!  Stop by and see our progress.

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