Sunday, March 15, 2015

Brr..., This Has Been An Unusual Winter

A typical Texas winter brings very little snow, but this year we have had several late snow events that have put a kink in our farming activities. We are late in planting several of our crops, but you can't speed up the process when Mother Nature is involved. So, we have had to go with the flow and provide lots of indoor farming activities with a few opportunities to dash out and learn. It certainly is never a dull moment on our school farm.

We picked frosty spinach and made quesadillas.

Some 1st grade friends found a break in the wet weather for a bug hunt to tie into their curriculum, to see how animals and plants  benefit from each other.

5th grade stepped out after lunch to learn about erosion, deposition, saturation, slope and weathering on a day when recess was cancelled.

Farm Club made seed tape with our Moss Haven Marigolds to sell at our next Pop Up Farmers Market.

Then there was snow.., and an awful lot of it.

We are looking forward to warmer weather and dreaming of spring, right around the corner.

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