Saturday, August 9, 2014

Two New Friends In The Coop

Our Master Gardener relationships have brought us more than garden help, they have brought great friendships and chicken love our way. Mrs. Brewer and Mrs. Diggs (our forever faithful Master Gardener friends) drove me out to the country for the day. 

While we were there, we had to stop at some local produce spots. Hutton Farms and the Weatherford Farmers Market were first on the list. All the produce was local, organic and wonderful. Peaches were on the top of our list along with figs, melons and fresh peanuts.

Our next stop was the Feed Store in Weatherford. These folks know their business. They have the best plants and seeds as well as a big line of animal supplies. We bought some new seedlings for our farm Fall harvests.

One of my favorite stops was Yesterdays Sandwich Shop. If you are in Weatherford, make sure this is on your must stop list. It was delicious!

After lunch we stopped at the farm to visit an old friend. Wilma, the one eyed wonder, has moved out to the farm to join a bigger flock since our girls rejected her. She is thriving and happy and has many chicken friends in her new barn.

Mrs. Brewer's daughter, Allie, has welcomed Wilma into her flock and she raised our 2 new hens since they were hatched. Our farm family has extended to Weatherford and we are so thankful for the farm love that Allie packed up in our pet taxi to bring back to our school farm for the start of a new year!

Our flock has expanded and we can't wait to see the kids back at school. It is going to be another farmtastic year at Moss Haven Farm!

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