Friday, September 20, 2013

Movin' and Groovin' on the Farm

Fall brings lots of activities to any garden. We are excited about the upcoming season of Fall. This week our Beta Club students participated in Whole Foods Kids Day Of Service by painting our sheds by the farm.  We are big fans of Whole Foods and thankful for the support that they have given to our farm, so it was a great day of celebrating our shared mission of growing healthier kids.

Our 6th grade students celebrated the beauty of eggplant. They harvested 11 big purple eggplants from their farm beds and made delicious eggplant parmesian. The kids and helpful parents did a great job! It was tasty stuff!

Our Frequent Farmers from Farm Club did a great job showing Channel 11 what we do on the farm. They showed the crew how we move mulch, use our reclaimed water, dead-head flowers and basil, turn the compost and care for our chickens. I am constantly amazed by what these kids learn by working on the farm. It really is impressive!

Farm moms ROCK! We love  their support!

A big dump truck filled with mulch was dropped off this week for our garden paths and chicken coop. The kids got to observe the big event.

One of our Primary classes spent some time planting their Fall crops. The kids are full of excitement and wonder when they come out to the farm to work.

This week we had several groups of Farm Club work on the farm afterschool. Our chickens are still the highlight! The kids especialy adore Nugget because she is so gentle and easy to pick up.

We can't wait until next week!

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