Saturday, September 7, 2013

Back To School - Back To Farm Learning

Every year students, teachers and parents feel excited and hopeful for a new year at school. At our school we have those same feelings, but in addition to those, we are thrilled about our farm and the hope for lots of green growth in the garden.

It's been a great start so far. Our wonderful Master Gardeners have helped align curriculum for every grade level, so that teachers can easily take their students out to enjoy a hands on lesson in the garden. They also taught all of our classes a lesson on garden safety, using tools correctly and helped the classes plan for planting their Fall crops. This partnership has been absolutely amazing!

Our first week of school gave us an invitation to bring a few farmers to an American Heart Association board meeting. This group was made up of folks from all around the country who help decide how to spend money for the American Heart Association. They wanted to hear from us, so a few of my farm friends came along, because they are the best spokespeople for our farm. They were a hit!

Our hydroponic tank has been set up and new growth has started there as well.

Teachers have taken their classes out to teach lessons and the kids have been out to  make observations on the farm.

We were lucky to have some farm hands show up on Saturday to wrangle our pullets and help them get used to being picked up, held, pet and loved.

Our "Name the Pullets" suggestion list has grown to 3 pages and we will unveil their names next week at our school assembly "Round Up".

This year we will continue to "Hatch Healthiness" but also will be "Making A Difference" by planting our farm field full of veggies that will be donated to families who are in need.

It's going to be a great school year farm friends! I will be sure to keep you posted!
E I E I O....,

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