Friday, October 5, 2012

Bento Box Photography Exhibit

In an attempt to get kids thinking about healthy living and better food choices, we had a Bento Box Photography Exhibit this month. Bento Boxes are a Japanese style of take away food. They are small meals that are packed tightly in reusable containers. They typically are served with veggies and meats, but there are certainly other combinations depending on your tastes. So, families from our school submitted their photos and we displayed them on the hallway that leads to recess. It got conversations going and some healthier eating happening.
Even though cookies popped up in Bento boxes, this lunch is much healthier than a trip through the drive thru.
You can tell the ones that were created by kids. Love the colors and the fun that went into making this one!

This one has more of an Asian flair, and healthy nonetheless.

Remember when you start with the young ones, you can make change happen!

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