Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cafe Composting - Our Latest Adventure

For his  Eagle Service Project, Alec Permenter and scouts from Troop 890 built a compost system for our farm. They even donated a nice big shovel scoop and a pitch fork so that we could do the work involved in using the compost bins. So with that being said, we have a new project at our school, Cafe Composting.

The students were very excited about our new cafe plan that reduces our impact on the Earth. They all pitched in their compostable food scraps. Moms approached me in the halls at school saying things like, "My child hasn't ever eaten healthier. He just wants to bring healthy foods that he can compost when he is done eating." Ta Da.., that is our goal! We want kids eating healthier and taking care of the Earth! Little steps like this with young ones really get us going on the right track.

We have a bin on rollers that is filled up with fresh fruit and veggie scraps during breakfast and lunch. At the end of the day, it is rolled out to the compost bins, covered with brown leaves or hay and then watered down.

This is one day's treasures from the cafeteria.

Since the school cafeteria is serving up tons of fresh fruits and veggies these days, when there is excess, the food doesn't become waste. It is added to our compost bins to create rich, organic soil amendments which will help us grow better crops on our farm. The cycle goes round and round at our school and helps us become healthier in the long run.  E I E I O.., Watch Us Grow!

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  1. Love how you included all the pictures from the school kitchen to cafeteria to farm - awesome!