Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Out On Joe Field Road

 North Texas Native Grasses

There is a unexpected garden space in a mostly industrial area, just off the highway, north of downtown Dallas. It is a Dallas Master Gardeners' project at the site of the Dallas County District 1 Commissioner's office. County Commissioner Maurine Dickey teamed with the Master Gardeners to turn the industrial property, where vehicles were maintained and her office was located, into a demonstration garden.

They started with an Earth Kind/Water Wise Demonstration Site by transforming a narrow strip of parking lot into a landscape that featured water conservation strategies.

There are 2 - Two thousand gallon water collection tanks on site.

Today the property has grown by including a rose garden, Raincatcher's garden, shade garden, composting areas with garden debris, as well as a worm composting area.

Their vegetable beds are amazing!

They know what they are doing where composting is concerned.

They offer several different field trip options for groups of all ages and their programs are free of charge. We just popped in on a Tuesday and visited with them. That is their work day out on Joe Field Road. They were happy to show us around and tell us all about their programs.

Contact them and stop by for a visit..., you'll be glad that you did.

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