Monday, February 20, 2017

It's All About the Chickens!

Chickens make us happy! They are definitely a beloved farm animal of all of our staff and students. This week we learned about the behaviors of our hens. Pecking order, chicken sounds, egg laying, egg production terms (cage free, free ranged and pastured), life span and the way that chickens are like a family group were discussed and observed in the coop for all classes. Our 5th graders continued their +Whole Kids Foundation  lessons on Hatching Healthiness, learning about the connections that chickens have on their diets, as well as how advertising impacts the labels that they have on chicken and their eggs. They learned that they can be deceiving. Hmm?

Chickens are the best and we showed our flock the love! Stop by the coop for some entertainment and check out our hens. #Peep

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