Monday, October 13, 2014

We Love Planting Days!

Planting Days are the BEST! They are part of the process. The kids and teachers really look forward to it. Not only is it fun, but the kids leave the farm with a lot of knowledge. This week the Monarchs were migrating on their journey to Mexico and we saw thousands of them fluttering by the farm for a bite to eat from our milkweed. The Kinder kids sorted vegetables by their shapes. The Primary kids learned about plant parts and which fruits and veggies are roots, stems, seeds, leaves, and flowers. Intermediate friends sampled 5 veggies and wrote food critic entries on each and Upper students learned about Victory Gardens that were part of the American landscape during World War 2. 

The planting process is a learning experience as well. The beds are sectioned off in 1 foot squares and the concept of perimeter and area is experienced at even the Kinder level. Each square foot has a certain number of plants or seeds that can be planted for maximum coverage. The seeds or seedlings are gently nestled into the soil and sprinkled with water. Add a little hope, good tending, sunlight and water and this creates a farmer's best case scenario. Finding worms are always a treat, so we were able to celebrate our wiggly farm friends too.

And then there are the chickens..., We have great love for them! All of our students learned 10 Fun Facts about them. Ask them, they will know.

The Farm continues to teach all of us. Whether it be lessons from TEKS, or lessons from life, we are all better for being a part of it. Check back in on our progress, either with a quick visit to our farm or a glance back at our site. We are sure to grow goodness along the way!

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