Thursday, June 5, 2014

Year End Fun In The Sun

As the year winds down, our students look forward to fun school wide events! Our field day is an over the top, outdoor extravaganza  filled with running, hopping, jumping and even water balloons.  Parent volunteers spend hours setting up and manning the booths that the kids rotate through. All of the activities involve movement, exercise and fun!

Then we have a kickball game where students and staff show the school what they've got. We even take an intermission break with  healthy snacks.

Modeling active healthy lifestyles for our kids is important. Kids grow up to be like the people that surround them in their lives. So healthy living has become a mantra at our school. Being involved with the American Heart Association, United Way, Cooper Institute and Healthy Zone Schools has helped us take great strides towards raising healthy kids and the teachers are all the better for it too. 
E I E I O..., It 's off to healthy living we go.

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