Thursday, April 10, 2014

Active Learning Classrooms

We are thrilled to be a part of the movement of raising healthy kids! Much of our momentum comes from being a Healthy Zone School. This program is a partnership between United Way of Dallas and The Cooper Institute. It has been a great experience for our school community and keeps us on our toes with being mindful of what we do to be healthy as a school, and also individually.

Recently, we were asked to try out some of the components of the Cooper Classroom concept in our classrooms. We are trying it with 3 different grade levels. For the most part, it is a big thumbs up!

Physio-ball chairs are in classrooms. The teachers notice that kids are not up wandering around, getting kleenex, sharpening pencils and milling around. They don't want to leave these comfy seats.

The exercise bike is great for multi-tasker kids who can peddle and write at the same time. 

This desk can be used to stretch out and fidget feet or as a standing desk.

Scarves are juggled for brain breaks.

Balance boards and exercise balls are used to engage brains and cores.

Stacking cups can be used to build, create and incorporate movement and thinking.

Check out the following video clip of our 3rd graders in action.


Stay tuned as we try this out. We promise to keep you updated on this exciting opportunity for our school.

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